Welcome to EasyWebSoft!

EasyWebSoft is a java tomcat server SaaS framework which provide an easy way to build customers professional server application. All what you need in order to use it is a Web browser. There is no installation it make application available every where. Use on a mobile or an IPad will adpated the size automatically this is known under responsive web. The framework provide a full development platform and existing application can been customized. The particularity is that development language used for server side and client side is javascript. The framwork use Apache Rhino engine to run javascript on server side and Apache jelly to render the html pages. Another particularity is that all script are stored in a database which make there easy the change of code. The framework include a scrum application for professional development and customization as well as an application for incident problem and change.

Comming soon a nice way to develop professional application

What make difference with other application

Full integrated framework for professional application development

  1. Easy to use just a browser is needed
  2. Customer can customize application based on there business requirement
  3. Scrum development integrated
  4. Incident management and problem integrated for development
  5. Only one language for the development '' javascript
  6. No extra development tool need

and much more...
The project is currently under development. In a couple of month there will be a demo instance to see how easy it is to build application. You can also have a look at the wiki where all technical part is documented. You can particpate to the project I need javascript developpers to progress faster and people to document the wiki please contact me if you want to participate. You can also participate by giving money to pay infrastructure and developpers.

Make you life Easy !!! with EasyWebSoft